snapmirror "transfer failed to complete"

Hey folks,

I performed the following steps:

vol create netadmin_snapmirror aggr2 1g

vol restrict netadmin_snapmirror

snapmirror initialize -S fs01:netadmin fs02:netadmin_snapmirror

On the source filer I get:

SnapMirror: source transfer from netadmin to fs02:netadmin_snapmirror : transfer failed.

On the destination filer I get:

SnapMirror destination transfer from fs01:netadmin to netadmin_snapmirror : snapmirror transfer failed to complete.

Other snapmirror relationships between these two filers are working fine. 

Any suggestions?


Re: snapmirror "transfer failed to complete"


Can you provide us some more info. Please show the o/p for aggr show_space -h aggr_name, snapmirror status, vol options netadmin_snapmirror.