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snapmirror relationship disappearing periodically

The customer has had a problem with a snapmirror relationship disappearing periodically. The customer has deleted the relationship and recreated it but wants to know why this happened multiple times over the last few months. The contact says that none of the administrators is responsible for the deletion.


snapmirror relationship disappearing periodically

Are they using DFM or Opeartions / Protection Manager ?

snapmirror relationship disappearing periodically

Yes, we were using both Operations and Protection manager at the time, although protection manager was showing an error on the snapmirror ...

Shortly after we installed the license for Protection manager we started having the problem .

snapmirror relationship disappearing periodically


1) Are they using some Application-driven datasets for the affected datasets/volumes - something like Snapmanagers, etc?

2) Please verify "snapmirror status" (from both source & destination) for mixture of IPv4 address-es and hostnames (if there is mix, please post it here)

Shot into the dark... this seems to be the DFM issue, we are still investigating and researching on that one too (but as low priority currently). We have observed that

a) any (even minor) editing of dataset

b) space problems on aggregates/resource pools (if used)

c) storage layout changes on local storage (including qtree adding/removal, LUN stuff, etc)

... drives DFM into edge situations that can cause Lag Warnings/Lag Errors/missing relationships for FlexVolumes inside dataset 'Mirror' and 'Backup' nodes in PM


snapmirror relationship disappearing periodically

There was a protection manager relationship for one of our snap mirror relationships, but it was set up with no protection as origonally we did not have protection manager licensed. Our issue seemed to start around the time we licensed protection manager. Subsequently we have now removed the faulty relationship from protection manager and the issue seems to have been resolved. Status is currently snapmirrored idle for all relationships and other than snapmirror we do not have any application driven datasets.

In the future we wish to move the snapmirror relationships into protection manager so that we can have centrally managed relationships and script a one button failover that also manages DFS failover which sits in front of the filers.

We are looking for clarification that protection manager can indeed delete the relationships that exist filer to filer if there is a relationship setup in protection manager.

snapmirror relationship disappearing periodically

Please provide autosupport, snapmirror log files that can cover the problem.


Re: snapmirror relationship disappearing periodically


   Wondering if this was resolved?

We use DFM, though I configure my snapmirror relationships manually then import into datasets.

- I have 4 snapmirror relationships that disapear once the baseline transfer has completed.