snapmirror status

Since I am new to this snapmirror area, hope someone will answer to this question?

I did snap mirror a volume like below

snapmirror initialise -S fileera:vola filerb:volb

Everything was ok, then

snapmirror break volB

I noticed that status shows that snapmirror relation was broken-off. I not want this status listing anymore.

How do I remove that

I did

snapmirror release vola filerb:volb nothing happened.

onComand system manger also shows that snapmirror relation is Broken-off.

I do not want to delete the entry in onComand manager before I make sure that it is ok to delete.

Re: snapmirror status

You need to run snapmirror release on source, not in destination.

Re: snapmirror status

If the snapmirror is broken and you are no longer planning on using the relationship, you could remove the entry in the snapmirror.conf file.

Re: snapmirror status

my case source and destinations are same filer, but separate aggr

Re: snapmirror status

remove the snapmirror.conf entry if you have one and disable snapmirror and then re-enable snapmirror.

Re: snapmirror status

There are up to three steps needed to completely get rid of a snapmirror relationship:

  1. as others have said: remove the entry in snapmirror.conf
  2. snapmirror release the relationship, which will remove the base snapshot from the source volume
  3. snap delete any remaining snapmirror snapshots from the destination volume