snapmirror synchronous and oncommand


I would like to know if any of you have already tried to import a "sync" relationship into a dataset and how you deal with it.

I did try it althought it isn't officially supported.

So far I was able to import the relation and monitor it properly. I also used any empty schedule for the protection policy. The only odds i've ran into is that the "protection status" is in continous warning state cause of a job failure but no harms in this:

"1 No backup identified: A backup from a SnapVault or Qtree SnapMirror relationship failed or could not be registered. This could be due to a secondary node being out of space, network problems, a missing SnapVault or Qtree SnapMirror license, or other issues."

Now I have to try failing over the dataset and resync..... don't know yet what's going to be with this. If any of you have experience or workarounds working with snapmirror sync and oncommand i'm very curious.

Obviously easiest would be this kind of snapmirrors supported by oncommand.....Is there any support forseen in the roadmap?



Re: snapmirror synchronous and oncommand

Hi Sylvain,

      As you already mentioned sync snapmirror is not supported in Protection Manager. Though its not supported the procedure you did to import and to have a empty schedule is perfectly right.

To remove the job failure error. Run an on-demand backup jobs this will dis-appear.

The procedure to failover and resync is available in the following link

under the topic Disaster recovery example workflow ->Fail over to the disaster recovery node->Manual failback using the command line interface