snapmirror window_size

I have an initial QSM running over the WAN and the snapmirror is running rather slow.  I increased the snapmirror windows_size on the source and destination Filer.  Comparing the sysstat network outbound on the source remains the same as before the window size increase.  Does the snapmirror window_size setting take affect on active snapmirror?  Or do I need to restart the QSM? 

This is the initial QSM so I'm not sure if I abort QSM it will be in 'restartable' mode and continue where it was aborted when I reinitialize the QSM again.


Re: snapmirror window_size


Since you are running SM for the first time, you will have to reintialize the snapmirror for the window size to take into effect.


Re: snapmirror window_size

New TCP window size takes effect only on new connections. You cannot restart initial transfer. Unfortunately (I wish we could).