snapmirror without snapmanager for SQL ?!!


This is my first post here; I just want to know it's safe to do Snapmirror for SQL Database without having Snapmanager for SQL server. What could be the impact if I done the snapshot and the mirroring without application awareness.

Appreciate the fast answer as I have to finalize system layout.



Re: snapmirror without snapmanager for SQL ?!!

It's possible but, you do not have any consistency on your database.

you are not able to purge the log files without any script.

And you are not able to restore quickly your data.

however if you have snapdrive you can create script to manage you snapshot, the snapmirror pull process and log management . but you will not able to have the flexibility of SM sql.


Re: snapmirror without snapmanager for SQL ?!!

Hi There,

We are currently implementing same issue however because we are not fully comfortable with implementing Snap Manager for SQL we have replicated normal LUN.

Additional a recent back up with transaction logs is being backed up every to hours to another LUN that is replication every two hours, as it is highly likely the replicated no verified LUN will not work.

however we have come to the conclusion that Snap Manager for SQL will have to be implemented as this cannot be a permanent procedure.

Hope this helps,