I am new to snapmirro hope someone can help me.

thsi is what i want

I have filer1 and filer 2

I see right now the snapmirror is running from filer1 to filer2 for a volume

I have two agreegate in filer2

aggr0 and aggr1

I want to snapmirror a volume  vol1 from aggro to aggr1

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Re: snapmirror

The links explains between two filers.

My aggrgates are whithin one filer.

IS it possible to sanpmirror the volumes between two aggregates in one filer?

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Yes, you can snapmirror a volume to the same filer.  But the target volume name must be different than the source. So from the CLI it would be:

snapmirror initialize -S filer01:/vol/vol1 filer01:/vol/vol2

I'm assuming you are looking to move the volume from one aggregate to another? If so, 'vol move' might be a better option but there are caveats to using that command for volumes that have CIFS shares or NFS exports.

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Thank you for your help, I have another question on this, hope you can answer. I have a Lun which is attached to a windows server via snap drive

This is the path for that.


I am going to snap mirror the vol1 to vol1-b on aggregate1 from aggregate0

Will the lun path be like this below?


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