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snapprotect (commvault) thin provissioned datastore


i use commvault snapprotect in my vmware environnement.

The solution works and commvault take the snapshot and create an index of the vm's file.

But i have trouble with the backup copy function on the thin provisionned VM. The backup just take many hours and it's like commvault copy the vm's data but he copy all the provisionned space.

For example a vm of 20 gb data take nearly 1h to backup. But if this vm had a provissioned space of 100 gb with 20gb use the backup will take 5h instead of 1h

Have you already see this issue?

Thanks by advance


Re: snapprotect (commvault) thin provissioned datastore

Which backup type for virtual subclient is used? I believe, default is Disk level, which means the whole VMDK is backed up. If VMDK is preallocated, it will now save full preallocated amount of space.

Re: snapprotect (commvault) thin provissioned datastore

Hum but if you used the disk level on the same VM but without snapprotect just with the VSA agent you don't have this trouble.

And the datastore are nfs datastore so all vm are thin provisionned so no preallocated space.

Re: snapprotect (commvault) thin provissioned datastore

When you open a support ticket, does NetApp take it and run with it, or does it go to Commvault for escalation?