snapvault destination.

Just on snapvault.  We have a snapvault relationship set between 2 filers, source and destination.  On the destination, we want to move it to another destination, such as another aggregate on the filer. but want to maintain the snapvault relationship, so dont want to do another full sync like when you setup when start off a new snapvault.  Whats the best way to do this, is it to snapmirror the old destination to the new destination.  If so what are the exact commands we have to use to set this regarding snapvault and snapmirror commands.

Re: snapvault destination.

Yes, use snapmirror.  The high level steps (on the destination filer) would be:

1.  Snapmirror the old destination volume to a new destination. Update as necessary until all sync'd up.

2. When ready to switch over, quiesce the snapmirror relationship then break it.

3. Update the snapvault configuration to the registry by doing a snapvault start command pointing to the new destination.  This does not start a new baseline.

4. Confirm the relationship by doing a snapvault status -c.

5. Perform a snapvault update command to make sure it works.

6. Create a new snapvault schedule if needed.

Cleanup steps:

1. On the source snapmirror filer (if the new destination is a different filer), do a snapmirror release to clean up that snapmirror relationship.

2. On the source snapmirror filer (same filer if you stayed in the same filer) clean up the old snapvault relationship using the snapvault stop command (this could take a long time depending on amount of data).

3. Remove old destination volume.

Hope that helps.