snapvault lag keeps growing

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Using snapvault to backup nightly 20 Windows 2008 R2 servers.

Snapvault status shows the lag time growing each day for one server, see attached screenshot

- it had been working fine for months

- there is plenty of space on the NetApp 2040

- the lag time is now over 300 hours. Normally, the nightly backups complete in an hour or less.

- pinging the server indicates "servername is alive"

That's the depth of my knowledge - can someone suggest what else I can check?

Thank you in advance.

Re: snapvault lag keeps growing

The Snapvault Service on the Windows Host is running?

What do you see in the /etc/messages file on the storage controller at the time the snapvault update should start?

Re: snapvault lag keeps growing

Thank you for your quick reply.

Yes, the Snapvault Service is running on the Windows Host. I also successfully restarted it, when I noticed it was missing the backups.

To see the /etc/messages folder on a regular Linux box, I would use the cd command. It appears several “standard” Linux commands are not available on the storage controller. Therefore I am not sure how to look at the files?

I apologize for my minimal knowledge, still coming up to speed on this system.

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Re: snapvault lag keeps growing

Easy, no problem. That's what the communities are for... There are several ways you can check the messages log:

CLI: user the command "rdfile /etc/messages" it will print out the messages file on the shell

CIFS: access the file in the root vol using the following path: \\storagesystemname\etc$\messages

NFS: access the file in the root vol using the following path: storagesystemname:/vol/vol0/etc/messages

Or via System Manager where you can read the log in the diagnose section (not sure about the section, but it's accessible in system manager)

Cheers Michael

Re: snapvault lag keeps growing

Ah, that was my error. I thought messages was a folder that contained the log files.

After reviewing the messages file, it appears the issue started here, “could not read from socket.”

(this entry was the first entry associated with the Windows Host in question, landoversvr)

Tue Apr 24 21:25:29 EDT : SnapVault: destination transfer from landoversvr.obg.corpSmiley Very Happy:\Data to /vol/winbackups2/landoversvr : could not read from socket.

Tue Apr 24 21:26:05 EDT : SnapVault: destination transfer from landoversvr.obg.corpSmiley Very Happy:\Data to syrna01:/vol/winbackups2/landoversvr : base Snapshot copy for transfer no longer exists on the source.

I couldn’t find anything in the Community KB specific to the “could not read from socket.” regarding this error.

Once again, thanks in advance!

Re: snapvault lag keeps growing

It looks like it lost the status on the windows host. But to be sure, here you find some KB articles regarding this error on This is the official NetApp Knowledgebase, manged by our Global Support accessible via Support Portal or directly[]=en-US

You should be able to log on with the account you user for the communities.

Hope this helps

Re: snapvault lag keeps growing

I assume this is an OSSV backup?

I have seen the "could not read from socket" error before.  From memory I changed the the port that the client was using, restarted the OSSV service and that seemed to fix it.

Hope that works for you too

Re: snapvault lag keeps growing

Thank you for your reply. Yes, it is an OSSV backup.

Using, I could not find anything about changing the port. Do you know of a reason why the port would require changing?

Five days before this failure started, the Windows Host server was physically moved, but all the IP settings remained the same. The OSSV backup was successful in its new location for four nights, before this error occurred.

Re: snapvault lag keeps growing

I doubt this is a port issue, that would surprise me especially as you did not change anything on the port settings. Have you checked the link I have posted in my previous post? There you should find information about the message you have in the log, not about changing the port.

Re: snapvault lag keeps growing

Just a thought thats all.  I have seen it before in my case another piece of software was installed that used the same port (10000 i think by default).  Just something else to try