I have truncated the error in the subject however here is the full error:

[FILER2: snapvault.tgt.failure:error]: Could not create Snapshot target "" on volume data_share: cannot logically replicate a qtree into a readonly volume.

This error appears on my second filer (see below) at least every one minute or so.  I have a linear snapmirror then snapvault relationship between 3 filers that was created using DFM Protection Manager.

FILER1:data_share          - SM -          FILER2:data_share          - SV -          FILER3:data_share_sv

I have broken the snapmirror relationship between filers 1 and 2 and the error disappears.  When I resync the snapmirror relationship the error re-appears. 

What I am also trying is to break the snapvault between filers 2 and 3 however this is taking some time to delete the qtree.  Once this has been done I will re-establish the relationship.  I did this because despite the snapvault relationship existing on FILER3 it did not list (snapvault status) on FILER2.

Does anybody else know how to resolve this error?  Other than this the backups are running fine

I look forward to any responses.

Kind Regards

Re: snapvault.tgt.failure:error

You should have a schedule.

Try : "snapvault snap sched" command

Re: snapvault.tgt.failure:error

I can confirm that FILER3 does still have two entries for the volume concerned:

create data_share_sv 0@-0@ preserve=default

create data_share_sv daily 35@- preserve=default,warn=0

I don't think that the snapvault retention has anything to do with this....or does it??

Re: snapvault.tgt.failure:error

Please list the DFM and ONTAP versions you are using.

Re: snapvault.tgt.failure:error

I found an interesting internal document stating that this error is expected behavior. Since the volume is part of a snapmirror, correct, you can't qtree snapmirror and write to it. It seems the mix of VSM and QSM could be throwing things off.  Info below.

The problem that the customer is seeing on the console.
Mon Nov  7 13:08:00 CET [snapvault.tgt.failure:error]: Could not create Snapshot target "" on volume repl_vol_lun111b: cannot logically replicate a qtree into a readonly volume.
Mon Nov  7 13:08:00 CET [snapvault.tgt.failure:error]: Could not create Snapshot target "" on volume mirror_vol_lun7a: cannot logically replicate a qtree into a readonly volume


The error is expected. The volumes are Volume SnapMirror destinations, which mean the volumes are read-only.

mirror_vol_lun7a online          raid_dp, flex    



mirror_vol_lun7a online          raid_dp, flex     nosnap=off, nosnapdir=off,  

                                snapmirrored      minra=off, no_atime_update=off,

                                read-only         nvfail=off,

                                sis               ignore_inconsistent=off,

repl_vol_lun111b online          raid_dp, flex   



The errors are occurring because there is likely a SnapVault schedule defined for the volumes. Can you provide the output of

'snapvault status -s'


Re: snapvault.tgt.failure:error

Hi, I am running DFM version (4.0).  I am also using ONTAP version 8.0.2 7-Mode.

Re: snapvault.tgt.failure:error

I assume that you want me to run the 'snapvault status -s' command on FILER2.  In which case the filer returns the following:

Volume                         Snapshot                              Status                         Schedule

data_share                                                                idle                             0@-

Re: snapvault.tgt.failure:error

Hi, yes, unfortunately it looks like this message may be by design. Since volume Snapmirror has the volume restricted, you cannot use qtree Snapmirror (Snapvault) and write to the destination. I know this may not help you in your current configuration, but at least we know what the message means and why. For the long term, you may want to consider using once replication technique over the other.