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snapvault transfer information

i need some advise on snapvault.  we have many snapvault transfers between our primary and secondary systems both systems are netapp filers..   Today one of our snapvault transfers over ran today, and i had to abort it as it affected the network usage.  I want to find out the schedule for this snapvault transfer or relationship, and also wanted to find out when the last successful snapvault transfereed completed fo rthsi relationship at what time and how much data was transferred.

Is there ant advice on this thanks on how i can get this information.


Re: snapvault transfer information

sure you can run on destination (secondary) for schedules

>snapvault snap sched

>snapvault status

or from OnCommand System Manager, you can view the SnapMirror logs.

Re: snapvault transfer information

i ran the snapvauly snap sched command on the source, and got the following reply:

create 'source volume' dfm_sv_backup(dest_filer) dest_vol 1@-@0

on the secondary system, i ran the command and got the following output:

create 'dest vol' dfm_sv_hourly 2@-@0

create 'dest vol' dfm_sv_nightly 5@-@0

create 'dest vol' dfm_sv_weekly 6@-@0

We use dfm to monitor our snapvaults.   ARe you able to translate the snapvault schedule we have for this volumes and when they can occur.

Any advise.


Re: snapvault transfer information


Sorry i am not using dfm to manage my snapvaults but i believe all you want can be viewed on your operations manager via the backup tab since you use dfm to monitor your snapvaults.

Herein is the output if i run below on my sec.

>snapvault snap sched

xfer  'dest vol' sv_daily 14@22 preserve=default,warn=0

xfer  'dest vol' sv_hourly 14@8,12,16 preserve=default,warn=0

xfer  'dest vol' sv_weekly 16@21@fri preserve=default,warn=0

Re: snapvault transfer information


I do not work with dfm but you can use "snapvault status" to see all your relationships.

You can use snapvault status -l <primary:/vol/volname/qtree> to see the

- lag time (time since last successful transfer)

- last transfer size

- last transfer duration and some other stuff

You can also list the active transfers with "snapvault status -t"


Re: snapvault transfer information

Btw: To prevent network bottlenecks in future, you can modify the snapvault relationships with the -k switch to limit the maximum transfer speed in n kB/s:

vaultfiler> snapvault modify -k <n> secondary_qtree