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snapvaulting a smex server with powershell


We have an exchange server that is using smex to make a consistent snapshot of the mail database. To do this scheduled we make use of an small power shell script

and of course this has been working flawlessly for some time now.  Now we want to make use of the option to archive (snapvault) the local snapshot to an alternative location on another filer. To make things a little bit more challenging we do not want to make use of the dfm (oncommand server) protection manager options.

Because of this limitation of no DFM/PM, adding the option "-ArchiveBackup" to the powershell command does not seem to work since there are no datasets configured. Of course we could go to a setting in which we use power shell to snapvault the created snapshot to another filer but doing it that way, the result would be that the snapmanager for exchage will have no knowlede of the archived backup, making a restore process with that software much more complicated...

Does anybody have a suggestion on creating the snapvault backups and relations in smex without the use of the oncommand software?


Re: snapvaulting a smex server with powershell

Can you share the powershell program, I may be able to help.