snmp and vfilers


I'm looking for a way, through snmp, to get the snapmirrors' lags between vfilers?

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Re: snmp and vfilers

SNMP is supported on vfiler0 and is not supported in the vFilers created on the physical system.  SNMP on vfiler0 does report information on vFiler units though.  I looked at /etc/mib and there is an entry for snapmirrorLag under SnapmirrorStatusEntry.

Re: snmp and vfilers


SO there is no way at all to have the lag for vfilers (not only vfilerO) through SNMP?

Re: snmp and vfilers

I believe that each snapmirror relationship has its on snmp oid octect. So

yes you can do that, however once you destroy and recreate a snapmirror

eelationship the oid will change