snmp user-defined traps & triggers

I'm struggling with SNMP and getting my user-defined traps to be received by my traphost.  If I restart snmp, I see the coldstart messages, so connectivity to the traphost is fine. 

I've performed some cluster failovers (OnTap 7.3.6) and have not seen anything triggered...I've also powered down the partner after failing over.  I've unassigned disks to check on disk spare changes (using change-trigger s). 

I'm left wondering if I'm missing something required - do I have to use <>.message or <>.priority ?

Examples below... (I normally would call into support on this, but I've always found their knowledge of SNMP lacking; I've reviewed the TRs and the KBs as well.  any help appreciated.). 

85344-LABNAS-AT> snmp traps walk cf


       active = on

       OID = snmp.

       trigger = level-trigger

       interval = 60

       edge-1 = 2 (up)

       backoff-calculator = step-backoff

       backoff-step = 240

       current-value = 1


       active = on

       OID = snmp.

       trigger = double-edge-trigger

       interval = 60

       edge-1 = 3 (up)

       edge-2 = 1 (down)

       backoff-calculator = step-backoff

       backoff-step = 240

       current-value = 2

85344-LABNAS-AT> snmp init


85344-LABNAS-AT> options snmp

snmp.access                  legacy

snmp.enable                  on

Re: snmp user-defined traps & triggers

Looks like you was not able to help on this issue.  We have external and internal subject matter experts in the NetApp Support Community answering questions about Data ONTAP.  If you have a NOW login, this link enables your to engage them on this issue Ask a questions