space reclaim on volume offline

Hi Frndz,

When we offline a volume,how is it possible for a aggregate to reclaim that volume size before deleting that.What is the theory behind that?


Re: space reclaim on volume offline

For an aggregate to reclaim the entire allocated space back from the volume (which you don't want to have anymore and the data it contains), you have to destroy the volume after taking it offline. Just taking the volume offline will not fetch you the entire vol space back. When you take a FlexVol volume offline, it gives back any unused space that has been allocated for it in its containing aggregate. If this space is allocated for another volume and then you bring the volume back online, this can result in an overcommitted aggregate.

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Re: space reclaim  on volume offline


Thanks for the info,

everything in volume depends on inodes,how does we get the space back when we make the vol offline before deleting it?

Also,is it allow to create a new volume when we have one volume just only in offline

Re: space reclaim on volume offline

Hi All,

The aggr is getting back the volume space only if, data inside the volume is deleted /formatted.