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sv-smvi fails at post backup with error

ERROR: ZAPI connection to vfiler XXXX failed: in ZAPI: :invoke, cannot connect to socket.

Above error i see in the report directory.

In the backup log entries

c:\reports" ERROR: ZAPI connection to  vfiler xxxxxx failed: in Zapi::invoke, cannot connect to socket

2012-08-29 08:34:35,686 PROGRESS - Script sv-smvi.cmd failed with code 11 in phase POST_BACKUP

I checked the error description in the sv-smvi document


A NetApp API initialization call failed. Confirm the

-svuser and -svpasswd options are correct, and that you are running at least version 7.2 of Data ONTAP

Both the vfilers are added to the domain smvi is using a  domain service account and the user name and passowrd has been added in the script sv-smvi.cmd. I have also added the domain user service account in to the vfilers.

Any help 

Re: sv-smvi fails at post backup with error

Just to give an update the guys who have viewed this question the problem is resolved.

The resolution was I have not turned on options httpd.enable to ON on the destination vFiler. Once turned on that resolved the issue cannot connect on socket.