sysstat -x 1

When I run this command against my filers what are the recommended values that these should always be at or around?

Re: sysstat -x 1


Well, how long is the piece of string? Are you trying to troubleshoot anything, prove a point, or something else?

The stats you posted show a filer doing pretty much nothing.


Re: sysstat -x 1

Some things to look out for

- long ranges where the Disk Util is around 98% (i.e. more than a minute or so) when the filer does *nothing else* (i.e. no SnapMirror, no backup, not much client activity goig on etc.) might indicate problems with disks or RAID layout

- multiple consecutive CP Types with a capital B should also be avoided (generally, when you see ~5 or so consecutive B's you might have a problem with your aggregates)

Note that these only *hint* to problems, they are not definite indications