system configuration shows different results.

Hi Everyone!

For clarification purposes , I want to know why commands sysconfig -a and sysconfig -d shows different result from sysconfig -r . 

For -r it shows no failed disk but for -a and -d shows there is but upon checking the led there is no amber. 

Im confused , where should I depend.

Thank you! 


Re: system configuration shows different results.



sysconfig -a   Displays  very  detailed  information about
                      each I/O device.  This is more verbose than
                      the  output produced by the -v option. Disk
                      sizes are scaled in GB. A GB  is  equal  to
                      1000   MB   (1024   *   1024   *  1000)  or
                      1,048,576,000 bytes.



sysconfig -r    Displays  RAID  configuration  information.
                      The command output prints information about
                       all aggregates, volumes, file system disks,
                       spare  disks, maintenance disks, and failed
                       disks. See the vol and  aggr  commands  for
                       more  information about RAID configuration.


sysconfig -d   Displays vital product information for each



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