time issue between two filers

Hello All,

I am stuck with an issue.

my problem is we have cluster1 of source filer(FAS3070) & target filer(FAS3050).

time format for fas3070 is US/EASTERN.

time format for 3050 is EST.

more over source filer time is ahead than destination filer by 1 hour. these filers are in production and we run snapmirror daily from fas3070 to 3050.

if i change the time format make to EST on both. will it be there any impact on snapmirror. please can any one respond to this issue.

Thanks in advance.


Re: time issue between two filers

Hi Naveen,

No there shouldn't be any impact when changing the Time zone.

Also be sure to have the latest timezone files to ensure the daylight savings is correct.

Re: time issue between two filers

Hi watan,

Thanks for your response. But my source filer time is 1 hour ahead than destination filer time if i sync both filers to the same time & time server  will it be any impact on snapmirror..?

Thanks in advance

Re: time issue between two filers


Given that snapmirror is a pull operation from the destination it should not impact, but Im not convinced as it will have to compare date/time stamps etc.

Is this what you are seeing: