two vfilers in the same vlan

Hi all:

I have a question about vfilers. Currently, I have one vfiler in its own interface group(vlan tagging) NET1-440 and its own ipspace called Z_ipspace in FilerA. Everything is setup ok, I have FilerB setup with the same interface and ipspace called Z_ipspace and failover to that interface on FilerB works fine. FilerA and FilerB are HA

Here is my question:

I want to create another vfiler in FilerB but I also want it to be in NET1-440 and Z_ipspace. Is that possible? What do I need to watch out for?


Re: two vfilers in the same vlan

Should be fine - I've done similar configs.  I don't recall any gotchas.


Re: two vfilers in the same vlan

Hi Bill,

so if in FilerB, Z_ipspace/NET1-440 is in used by vfilerB, then if I create vfilerA in FilerA using Z_ipspace/NET1-440, there won’t be any problem during failover? both vfilers will use Z_ipspace/NET-440?


Re: two vfilers in the same vlan

No problem doing this...if using a different interface net2-440 it will ifconfig on that network (make sure to ipspace assign if a new interface) and if the same net1-440 interface, the script will create an ifconfig alias to multihome the port with the ip for vfilerB.  The vFiler's will share the routing table so the vfiler run route add default will work for both vFilers as long as both use the same default gateway (which they should in the same network) but if not you might need some route add statements but not likely.  It is common to have multiple vFilers in the same IPspace.  The restriction is that a vFiler can only be a member of one ipspace but not the other way where IPspaces can be shared by multiple vFilers.

Re: two vfilers in the same vlan

I dont think should be a problem at can create another vfiler in the same IP SPACE ...two or more vfilers can be assigned the same IPspace ..this is where the concept of vfiler alias comes into picture.


Re: two vfilers in the same vlan

Ifconfig alias to use the same interface. Works great.

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