urgent help in snapmirror performance.

Hello folks,

we have newly setup a source site & DR site.

configured snapmirroring between these two sites for data replication and we have 100Mbs pipe between these two sites and my issue is we are seeing poor performance on data replication from source site to destination site..& it is taking couple of hours to transmitt 1.5 Gb data from source site to destination site.

Is there any thing that i can tune up from filer side to make the data replication fast..?

please give me your suggestions.

Thanks in advance.

Re: urgent help in snapmirror performance.


There are several factors that will affect the snapmirror performance.  Please check the followings:

1. Are you performing sync or async snapmirror?

2. Snapmirror log, see if any errors, a lot of retries, abnormal status, etc...

3. Check the snapmirror status -l, see how much data has been transfered in the duration

4. In the snapmirror.conf file, see if the transfre rate is set too low,

5. Check the TCP window size

6. Also, although there is a 100MB network; is it heavily occupied by other applications, users..

7. Are the links, interfaces OK, any imtermitten errors, packet loss?

It's hard to say without checking the above and analysis the logs.