vFiler access reports


Looking for a report function on the vFiler level.

I want to have a report every month on the uptime (or downtime) of all my vFilers.

I made one in OM with the folloring two fields:
* vFiler name
* vFiler Down Timestamp (DD/MM/YY 24H)

But I think the report seems corrupt.

I´ll get the following info from the report:

vFiler NamevFiler Down Timestamp (DD/MM/YY 24H)
vFiler12026-11-11 22:13
vFiler22026-11-11 22:13
vFiler32010-02-12 16:06
vFiler42021-12-11 11:32
vFiler52020-12-11 11:09

Am I reading it wrong, but what are 2026?? It´s in the DD collumn??

And second; does this show the last time the vFiler function was down, taking in to consideration that it´s in a active-active configuration?

If I do a takeover and giveback, does it affect this report?


Re: vFiler access reports

OK, so the timestamp seems to be a "feature" in my excell.

If I open in a different program it says  26/11/2011 22:13

So that´s OK..

But now for the most important question.

What does "Down Timestamp" mean?, Is it when the vFiler function was disabled , or when a takeover was initiated? etc?

What I really want to have is a report on the time the vFiler was available for the customer..I mean if we have a SLA for 99.8% I want to show that in some way..

Re: vFiler access reports


No one?