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vFiler and Snapmirror compression

Can I use snapmirror compression with a vFiler Destination?

I've tried this on simulators and cannot seem to get this working.

Also vFilers don't have a snapmirror.conf file?

Re: vFiler and Snapmirror compression

Hmm, really good question. I've always used the parent controller for my SnapMirror sessions and never the vFiler in 7-mode.

Re: vFiler and Snapmirror compression

a Volume in a vFiler can be mirrored from vfiler0 or from the vfiler itself.  In the case of data motion, dr and migrate functions it requires vfiler0...but if a mirror outside of that you can go either way.  If inside the vfiler then there is a snapmirror.conf on the target vfiler.  Turning on compression in the vfiler snapmirror.conf should work the same... one caveat for any mirror compression is that in addition to compression=yes you also need to have a source connection setup...even if not using 2 ip addresses you need a multi or failover port defined... if one ip only then define with a single port...

source_connection = multi (ipsrc1,ipdest1) (ipsrc2,ipdest2)               # you could define this with a single ip pair instead of 2 if you only have 1... required for compression

source_connection:srcvol destfas:destvol compression=enable - 0-59/15 * * *

Re: vFiler and Snapmirror compression

I've managed to get this working in the simulators. The bit that was throwing me was the lack of the snapmirror.conf file. I just manually created this and it all burst into life.