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vFiler as a snapmirror destination


If I have a vfiler running on a FAS3210 can I use the vFilers volume as a SnapMirror destination?

I need to migrate 2TB from a vFiler hosted on a old filer to a vFiler hosted on a 3210

vFiler as a snapmirror destination

Even better you can run vfiler migrate which will take the entire vfiler on the source and keep it intact on the destination.. unless you want to manually setup the vfiler on the target.  You have to precreate the volumes the same name on the target with the same ipspaces (if non-default) then vfiler migrate uses vfiler0 for the snapmirror.  Data Motion may be an option (migrate with 120 second or less cutover) if you meet requirements but depends on ontap versions and controller type of the old model.

If you are just mirroring volumes and not automating a migration of the can mirror either to vfiler0 or to the vfiler iteself.  Either works as the mirror target.