vFiler command cannot be run.

Hi Storage guru's 


About a couple of weeks ago, I've issued the command "vfiler dr resync" since then it seems like it is hanging.

When I run any vfiler command I recieve the following error - vfiler command cannot be run while 'vfiler dr' command is running; try again later.

I initially thought giving it sometime to complete, however weeks laters it still shows the same message.


My environment:


ONTAP 8.14P10 7-Mode


Please assist...



Re: vFiler command cannot be run.

I've never seen it take that long.  vfiler dr resync does something with your mirrors.

check your snapmirrors to see if anyone of them are hung up


snapmirror status



Re: vFiler command cannot be run.

Thanks for quick response.


I can confim that there are no hanging snapmirrors, every job is transferring as per schedual.


On that note: The newly created volume was manually initialized using the snapmirror commands as the vfiler dr resync would just not work. 


I'm now considering the takeover and giveback to resolve this, however what implacations would that have?

Re: vFiler command cannot be run.


That's a wierd one, I've never seen a process hang like that.  And you are 100% sure all vols are replicated, then the only thing you can do is a failover and giveback.