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vfiler rename on a dr vfiler

hi guys

Our infrastructure is growing and i have the first problem with our naming conventions. That's why i would like to rename our vfilers on the storage, but all of them are in a dr-relation.

What i tried to do a rename on the primary site and it works fine actually, but the dr-vfiler still has the old name. That's not a huge problem at the moment, but when adding additional ressources to the primary vfiler, it's not possible to resync the destination anymore:

US-S004KAS> vfiler dr resync fsedulu-v001@us-s004mur
Cannot find local vfiler fsedulu-v001

Is there a way to rename a vfiler in a dr configuration, without rebaselining the complete relation?

thank you in advance!

kind regards,



Re: vfiler rename on a dr vfiler

On the target (assuming no duplicate ips), you can vfiler dr activate, vfiler rename, then vfiler dr resync and it will pick up the dr relationship again.

Re: vfiler rename on a dr vfiler

save a copy of the target snapmirror.conf before the resync... it will update all volumes in the vfiler to a 0-59/3 schedule (blah) but easy to copy back the orginal snapmirror.conf after.

Re: vfiler rename on a dr vfiler

I tried the vfiler dr activate and received a configuration error, then the vfiler was removed.  (I had not renamed the source vfiler).

So I'm assuming it's essential to rename the source vfiler first before starting this process. 

Re: vfiler rename on a dr vfiler

AHH.. yes... for both vfiler dr and vfiler migrate, the source and target must be the same name for vfilers and volumes.