'vol autosize' question

ONTAP 8.0.1P3.

I want to see the autosize status for every volume on my controller. I know I can do a 'vol autosize [vol]' for each volume but that just seems so silly. How do I see the autosize status for all 200 volumes in a single command?

Thank you.

Paul W.

Re: 'vol autosize' question

Hi Paul,

You can try comand "vol status -v".

In the details you can check autosize status.

        Volume autosize settings:

                                        state=off      ---> Please check this

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Re: 'vol autosize' question

Actually, that won't work, the info about autosize no longer appears at the bottom of the output in v8.0.1P3. I can't speak for the other ONTAP v8 versions but I suspect that it is true for them also.

Using powershell seems to be the only way that I can find to do this. Which really seems strange that it can't be done CLI, Systems Manager, DFM, FilerView or any of the other 'common' NetApp adminsitration methods.

The Powershell applet is 'Get-NaVolAutosize'

Paul W.

Re: 'vol autosize' question

One of the default reports in Operations Manager shows this information, If I remember correctly it is volume autosize details or run the following command:

dfm report view volumes-autosize-details