vol move for CIFS/NFS

Hallo all

"vol move" is really a great feature helping us easily manage our storage environment but... it doesn't work if there is a CIFS share or an NFS export on a volume. As far as I know it's not possible to migrate a CIFS or NFS volume nondisruptively. I would love to have a "vol move" disruptively but available for CIFS and NFS volumes. This function would save us much time and make the storage management much easier.

Does anyone know, is there a hidden function like "vol move -f" which would make this possible?

Re: vol move for CIFS/NFS

no support in 7-mode for NAS... just SAN.  C-mode supports both nas and san for volume move.  I don't know or think there are any plans for 7-mode and nas.  You can look at snapmirror migrate for nfs though which would be similar (but not for cifs).