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vol size in snapmirror

ran snapmirror intialise and the vol got snapmirror.

the sorce vol has reached the limit so we had to increase the space.

I am trying to change the space on the destination volume and it does not.

Ia there any steps which I have to follow?

the dst volume is still read-only .

Re: vol size in snapmirror

What is the error you are getting while increasing the size of dest

Re: vol size in snapmirror

just do "vol size" on the destination volume with the new size. It will tell you that you just set the new "maximum size" for the volume and that it needs another snapmirror upgrade to get the new size. Simply run a new snapmirror update and it will automatically be resized to the same size as the source volume


Re: vol size in snapmirror

Thank you for your reply, I have another question !

Will the space increase  if the sapmirror is on schedule?

Re: vol size in snapmirror

Yes it will be set to the new size in case of scheduled snapmirror