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How to take vol0 (root volume) backup of netapp filer?

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If you have any other NetApp controllers, and the good licenses you can do a Snapmirror or SnapVault between the controllers.

Otherwise, on this vol, you can export it in CIFS or NFS to backup it

So who do you save the other Vol on this controller ?

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CIFS or NFS is a good idea as well but actually i wanted to take backup with TSM but when i export volume as CIFS/NFS then utility had some rights issue. Just started using FAS2240 so currently not saving other volumes.


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Disclaimer - Not a TSM guy

If you have the appropriate license for NDMP you could back up vol0 (and all other volumes) using NDMP.

If you are trying to save the config, then just grab the files in the /vol/vol0/etc directory via CIFS\NFS and you will have all that you need.

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Thanks spence!!!

Yes i had the license for NDMP, i've configured the NDMP on netapp and tsm too. So could you please explain the steps or commands to take back from tsm of netapp volume.



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