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vserver language setting


Anyone that knows why you have more options for language settings when creating a vserver in the CLI then you have in the gui from system manager?

When creating a vserver from system manager you can choose language 'C' but when doing it from CLI you can choose both 'C' and 'C.UTF8'

for use with special characters it can be very bad to choose the wrong language.

- Ronnie


Re: vserver language setting

Hi Ronnie,

I believe this issues has been reported as a bug to the System Manager team and will be fixed in an upcoming release.

You should be able to get the same list of languages on System Manager as you do on the ONTAP CLI.

Re: vserver language setting

Hi Mrinal,

Ok that is good, if it has been reported. Could you find a bug number for me? I could not search it up myself. I would like to follow the bug.

Re: vserver language setting


I do not think there is a public report on the bug at this point. I will check with the System Manager team if they plan to file a public report on it.

Re: vserver language setting

Hi Mrinal,

is there a way to specify a default language for newly created vservers? Since the language can't be changed afterwards this could cause some trouble, e.g. with snapmirror relationships...

Re: vserver language setting

The language for a Vserver can only be defined at the time of creating the Vserver. If the language setting for a Vserver needs to be set to a different value then you will need to create a new Vserver with the correct language settings.

Re: vserver language setting


What language should we set for vServer for FCP services with SnapMirror Replication ? What if  we had already chosen English-US to create this vServer?

Re: vserver language setting

Once you set the language for a vserver I don't believe it can be changed. In 8.2 you can create volumes with different languages. Once volume language is set the destination volume for snapmirror must be the same.

Re: vserver language setting

Re: vserver language setting

Actually, 8.2 allows you to modify the language of the vserver.

::> vserver modify -vserver nfs -language

    C                  da                 de

    en                 en_US              es

    fi                 fr                 he

    it                 ja                 ja_JP.PCK

    ko                 no                 nl

    pt                 sv                 zh

    zh.GBK             zh_TW              zh_TW.BIG5

    C.UTF-8            ar                 ar.UTF-8

    cs                 cs.UTF-8           da.UTF-8

    de.UTF-8           en.UTF-8           en_US.UTF-8

    es.UTF-8           fi.UTF-8           fr.UTF-8

    he.UTF-8           hr                 hr.UTF-8

    hu                 hu.UTF-8           it.UTF-8

    ja.UTF-8           ja_v1              ja_v1.UTF-8

    ja_JP.PCK.UTF-8    ja_JP.932          ja_JP.932.UTF-8

    ja_JP.PCK_v2       ja_JP.PCK_v2.UTF-8 ko.UTF-8

    no.UTF-8           nl.UTF-8           pl

    pl.UTF-8           pt.UTF-8           ro

    ro.UTF-8           ru                 ru.UTF-8

    sk                 sk.UTF-8           sl

    sl.UTF-8           sv.UTF-8           tr

    tr.UTF-8           zh.UTF-8           zh.GBK.UTF-8

    zh_TW.UTF-8        zh_TW.BIG5.UTF-8

Now whether it's a good idea is another story... if you have volumes with different languages, it might cause issues.