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wafl - inodes - .snapshot inodes


When I create my first file in a volume, it will get inode 100.

The .snapshot directory in the volume has inode 67.

When I start creating snapshots, the first snapshot directory

has inode 1.

When i create 100 snapshots, the 100th snapshot has

inode 100, like my first file in the volume.

Does wafl have a seperate inode administration for the .snapshot

directory? It looks like it is another filesystem, but then, myfirst snapshotted

file has the same inode as the original file, but that cannot be in

a different filesystem.

I hope you understand my confusion.




Re: wafl - inodes - .snapshot inodes

Your conclusions are the correct. Only the max nr of snapshots = 255, so it ends with inode 255. Snapshots have their own inode table. I dont know how they fixed it, but your conclusion is OK. I suspect that there is a pointer that connects the copy of the root inode to the AFS and starts in a 4k block a new list of inodes that refer to the copies of the root inode.