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what's means of SDW error code Error 0x80041033 ?

Hi Gurus
IHAC met a error when use SME to do backup.
the windows event log is as following:
Event Category: Generic event
Event ID:       175
Date:           9/16/2009
Time:           4:53:43 AM
User:           N/A
Computer:       MCHWEXCL01CN02
Failed to enumerate snapshots for virtual disk drive I:\mch01sga2\log\.

Error code : Error 0x80041033 occured. Description is not found.
In fact, by MMC and sdcli,  it works well to list the I:\mch01sga2\log snapshot.
what's the means of error code 0x80041033?
Any input is appreciated!
Thanks and Best Regards!

Re: what's means of SDW error code Error 0x80041033 ?

This means that the text to display with the event was not found. Can you please provide the SDW version used?