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OnCommand API Services (API-S)

OnCommand API Services provides an application programming interface (API) through which developer can issue programmatic requests to execute specified data storage provisioning, monitoring, and information retrieval operations on ONTAP® storage systems.

OnCommand API Services includes the following new features:

  • Adding storage systems directly to the API server
  • Provisioning capabilities using APIs
  • Protection capabilities using APIs
  • Jobs
  • Configuration checker in the installer bundle
  • Support for OnCommand Performance Manager headroom and cluster metrics
  • Bug fixes

Download  API-S


NetApp Service Level Manager(NSLM)

 NetApp Service Level Manager (SLM) is designed to allow your third-party application to interface with compatible NetApp software, hardware and services (NetApp Product), and enables you to manage your storage infrastructure in terms of service level objectives (SLOs) for your storage systems. NetApp SLM provides storage service levels (SSLs) that define the SLOs, SLO-based APIs for provisioning and monitoring storage, and platform-specific device APIs for storage management in a data center.


  • Platform-specific device APIs for storage management
  • SLO-based APIs for service level management of storage resources
  • Access to pre-defined SSLs by using the web UI and APIs
  • Automatic mapping of SSLs to storage resources
  • Automatic provisioning as per the storage service level by using APIs
  • Monitoring and regulating based on used or allocated capacity
  • Customization of SSLs by using the web UI and APIs
  • Nonconformance detection
  • Summary view of conformance results and notification by using the web UI and APIs

Download NSLM

NetApp Manageability SDK


The NetApp Manageability SDK provides resources to develop applications that monitor and manage NetApp storage systems.

The SDK Help provides information about core APIs, which provide the infrastructure to invoke ONTAP® APIs, OnCommand® Unified Manager APIs, and web services APIs for OnCommand Unified Manager Core Package on a server.


NetApp Manageability SDK 5.6 includes:

  • Perl API Bindings for ONTAP 9.1
  • Perl API Bindings for OnCommand Unified Manager 7.0



E-Series SANtricity Web Services (REST API)


The NetApp SANtricity Web Services Proxy provides Web APIs to configure, manage, and monitor E-Series and EF-Series arrays. The proxy provides access to a collection of REST (Representational State Transfer) style interfaces to access services defined for storage arrays.


New Web Services Proxy 2.0 capabilities include:

  • LDAP integration providing user authentication and proxy role mapping for LDAP groups
  • Stateless Storage System Management, providing the ability to manage the storage system without registering the system with the proxy.
  • Workload and Volume tagging
  • Added support for historical averaged stats endpoint
  • Added analyzed stats support



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I want to install the E series storage manager on Sles 11 SP3 linux along with  Santricity web proxy services. Do you have any documentation which can guide for the same.I want to to use the web service and storage manager for media sanitization job as per NIST SP 800-88 standard.

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