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Data Ontap 8.2.1 Simulator download error


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I am getting the same error ... Have you found a fix ?


Not yet. But I got a 8.2 version simulator from my colleague. Do you need a share?



Thank you so much . I was able to get it using friends computer and his home. Thanks for the email. If there is anything I can do assist please email me .

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with my credentials, it gives no permission error....

can every registered user download this? or is it to restricted users?

Is there any way I can get the Cluster mode ONTAP simulators?  I need it for certification.


hii peiwei,

              i create a member account on netapp and then login after that i  try download netapp ontap 8.2.1 simulator from netapp  but if i open  

your link .i found error message unauthorized access . can you share this version with me ?  .


Dear Friends, I am getting the unauthorized access error if click your link for download . i need a share  ?


I don't know about any access errors, because I'm able to get to the links and the page just fine. That being said, every download of both the 8.2 and 8.2.1 cDOT vSIM are corrupted. This is consistent across 3 different computers (1 Mac OS X, 1 Windows 8.1, and one Windows 7) and also multiple browsers (Chrome, IE 11, and Safari). The files, if they are ever completly downloaded, do not have MD5 hashes that match what is listed on the website as well. I've rasied a ticket with support and hopefully it will be resolved soon.


Is there a student access for this tool? I am building a home lab for VMWare certification and want to use NetApp instead of Hyper-V that comes with MS Windows 2012 Server.  The other question, are there any tools available to build a relationship map for visualization of entire infrastructure or by selecting a cluster or volume. When you move your mouse over the icon that represents file objects it will popup information that you would normally see on the NetApp command manager showing a highlighted chain joining all of the virtual connections and ownership? plus if yo double click on that object it will take you to the command manager to that object without having to manually drill down to it resources? These are real time savers that are must in managing large data sets and or class structures, Also is there a heat map and look ahead animation to see data loads live over a compressed amount of time. These are the same tools that are available in oracles VM ecosystem package.


Tnanks in advance.


 Still unable to access

"The requested URL /cgi-bin/simulatorlic8.cgi/download/tools/simulator/ontap/8.2.1/vsim_netapp-7m.tgz was not found on this server."


Same with the CDOT sim. 


We are a "PS Professional" accredited partner for both 7-mode and CDOT. What gives?




what is the hardware and software requirment for netapp storage system setup, how to connect it with a window 8 system over network.

which type of filer we required and which system we install ontap 8.2 .






Hi guys;


I comment that yes  did can extract the files, although i had to do it with winrar. my OS is windows 8, so that I did make click right for properties, next at the end of the window (down) show the button desbloquear for finish clic and you wait a moment (10 seg depends your processor) and can you extract the files.