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FMC_DC Starter Guide


Fabric Metro Cluster Data Collector (FMC_DC) is a tool to gather configuration data from a Fabric Metrocluster. It is also analyzing and verifying the configuration against config guidelines and best practices. It can also be configured to run continuously to gather information from all components (controller, switches, sas bridges, etc.). After each data collection an complete health check is performed. If errors are found email notifications can be send. FMC_DC can handle up to 50 FMC systems.

The tool can be downloaded from here.

This guide points out how to use FMC_DC for a one-time data collection, to provide the data to NetApp support or field services. In case of a Metrocluster problem, it is recommended to collect this data upfront and provide it while open a support case.

Check this KB if a history of data needs to be collected to run periodic health checks and accomplish long time monitoring. 

1. Extract the downloaded file

2. Double click FMC_DC.jar - the following window opens:

3. Right click one of the grey boxes (e.g. first one named MC[01]) and click on "Add Node". The following window appears:

4. By clicking on Add, all Fabric Metrocluster components (controller, switches, bridges) need to be added

5. When adding switches, also add the ISL Ports by providing port number and distance

6. After adding all components your window is looking something like that:

7. Click to the Schedule button and disable the scheduler

8. Click on the "Add node" button, followed by the "Add/Change Node" button

9. Right click the grey box with your just added Metrocluster and choose "Collections - trigger" - Full --> Collection will run for a while

10. After the collection successfully completes, right click the grey box and choose "Collections - manage" - "Save/Send Collections"

11. On the following window, click start to trigger the compression of all collected logs.  Make sure "Send LogFiles only" is *not* checked. After it completed hit Finish.

12. Find the just created zip-File in the data directory of the FMC_DC tool.

Known stumbling blocks

  • Switch supportshows are not getting collected: are standard brocade accounts with default password in use? Change the password on the switch and FMC_DC will work.

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@cschnidr, FMC_DC is a great tool. I'd like to see some updates (love) though. It's been a year since the last release. Reference files (firmware levels) should be updated. Support for Apache Commons Daemon should be added. Integration with MCBT would be nice to have (keep it simple, why require DFM).