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NetApp Developer Session - Intro into Automating Cisco UCS


This session was about setting up the Cisco UCS emulator and the UCS Powershell toolkit to automate UCS. It included establishing connectivity and some samples. Further the session navigated through a codebase with a rich library of automation samples of UCS and OnTAP for automated setup of FlexPod stack to allow others to reuse the samples and innovate on top of it.

Link to the sample codebase:

Link to the recording:

$ucsHandle = Connect-Ucs -Name "" -Credential $ucsmcred


$rootOrg = Get-UcsOrg -Level root -Ucs $ucsHandle


Get-Help Get-Ucs*

Get-Member get-ucs*

Get-Help Get-Ucs*

Get-Help set-Ucs*

$res = Get-UcsOrg -Org $rootOrg -Name "gaga" -Ucs $ucsHandle


$res = Get-UcsOrg -Org $rootOrg -Name "11" -Ucs $ucsHandle

Get-UcsOrg -Org $rootOrg -Name "11" -Ucs $ucsHandle


$res = Get-UcsOrg -Org $rootOrg -Name "Finance" -Ucs $ucsHandle


Add-UcsVlan -Name "gaga" -Id 555 -Ucs $ucsHandle

Get-Help Add-UcsVlan

Get-Help Add-UcsVlan -Examples

Get-Help Add-UcsVlan -full

$fabricEthLan = New-Object Cisco.Ucs.FabricEthLan

    $fabricEthLan.Dn = "fabric/lan"

Add-UcsVlan -FabricApplianceCloud $fabricEthLan -Name "gaga" -Id 555 -Ucs $ucsHandle

Add-UcsVlan -FabricApplianceCloud $fabricEthLan -Name "gaga" -Id 555 -DefaultNet "false" -Ucs $ucsHandle

get-help Add-UcsVlan

Add-UcsVlan -FabricLanCloud $fabricEthLan -Name "gaga" -Id 555 -Ucs $ucsHandle


Import-Module "C:\Program Files\Cisco\Cisco UCS PowerTool\CiscoUcsPS.psd1"


Get-Help get-ucs*


Add-UcsVlan -FabricLanCloud $fabricEthLan -Name "thisisourvlan" -Id 999 -DefaultNet false -Ucs $ucsHandle

Slides with background information is in the download section of this page.

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We can also automate configuration and monitoring of Cisco UCS using Python SDK.


To make UCS management easier, Cisco has provided a Python SDK library. The Python SDK library abstracts some of the low level details and provide simple APIs to manage UCS. It is easier to automate configuration and monitoring using the abstractions provided by the SDK.


Hope you like it.



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