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NetApp Manageability (NM) SDK Introduction and Download Information




The NetApp Manageability SDK provides resources to develop applications that monitor and manage NetApp storage systems. SDK Help provides information about core APIs, which provide infrastructure to invoke Data ONTAP® APIs, DataFabric® Manager APIs for the OnCommand Core Package, and Web services APIs for DataFabric Manager on a server. The SDK Help also provides sample codes, troubleshooting information, conceptual information about NetApp technologies, and so on.

Resources of the product:

  • SDK Core APIs
  • SDK Core API libraries in C and C++, Java, Perl®, C#, VB.NET, PowerShell®, Python, and Ruby
  • ZExplore Development Interface (ZEDI) (formerly ZExplore) to test APIs, create sample codes, and create workflows in all the languages supported by the SDK
  • apitest utility to help users test the APIs
  • Support on Windows®, Red Hat® Enterprise Linux®, SUSE® Linux Enterprise Server, Oracle® Enterprise Linux, Solaris™, HP-UX®, IBM® AIX®, VMware® ESX
  • Design guides to help build applications by using the APIs

New features - NMSDK 5.2


Find more Data ONTAP and OnCommand Unified Manager API documentation here


The following are new in NetApp Manageability SDK 5.2:

  • Support for Perl API bindings
  • Support for the following operating systems:
    • Windows® Server x64 2012
    • Oracle® Enterprise Linux (32-bit and 64-bit) 6.3
    • SUSE® Linux (32-bit and 64-bit) 11.0 SP2
    • IBM® AIX® (32-bit and 64-bit) 7.1
    • VMware® ESX server 4.1 and VMware ESXi server 5.1
  • Support for the following versions of the programming languages:
    • Python versions 2.7.3 and 3.3.0
    • Java 7.0
    • Ruby 1.9.3 and 2.0
    • Perl 5.16
  • Support for Microsoft® Visual Studio® 2010 for C and C ++
  • Upgrade for OpenSSL 1.0.1e for C and C++
  • Support for following versions of browsers:
    • Google Chrome 30
    • Mozilla® Firefox® 23, 24, 25
    • Internet Explorer® 8, 9, 10


  • NetApp Manageability SDK 5.2 is available free of cost to customers and partners.
  • You must accept the End User License Agreement at the time of downloading the NetApp Manageability SDK 5.2.
  • The Notices (PDF) document contains the third-party copyright statements and licenses that apply to software components distributed with the product.



Download Information:


NMSDK is available free-of-charge through the NetApp Support site. To  access NMSDK, partners and customers need to sign-up for it.




Your feedback is very important to improve the product. Please provide your feedback at this link: NMSDK  Feedback



The NetApp Manageability SDK Discussion Forum:

Use the NetApp Technology Network to post queries in the discussion forum.

  • This forum is the preferred method to obtain support.
  • Use this forum for non-confidential queries and issues regarding the SDK.


The  NetApp Manageability SDK mailing list:

Use this mailing list to post any confidential information.


Customer Success Services (CSS):

Technical Support

888.4.NETAPP (US and Canada)
(888.463.8277) 00.800.44.NETAPP (EMEA/Europe)
+800.800.80.800 (Asia/Pacific)



  • NetApp Manageability SDK customers and end customers of partner products can contact CSS to log issues related to the SDK.
  • However, CSS does not offer support for the SDK usage during solution development.

Please Note:

All content posted on the NetApp Community is publicly searchable and viewable. Participation in the NetApp Community is voluntary.

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It will be great experiance to use DFM sdk...

In future, can it be possible to use it without DFM server license?


Email is all fixed now.


The SDK Access Request Form is in Office 2007 format, but named with a doc rather than a docx extension.  You need to change the file extension to .docx to get 2003 to recognize that it needs to convert the format.  Would be nice to fix the name of the file to download above to eliminate this step.


Trying to download the file, but am getting access denied.



I am looking into this and will get back to right away.


Still Looking for a way to download the SDK - I keep getting unauthorized response


It is not helpful to have our SDKs squirreled away on the back page of some message board, and not formally included in our list of official software in the NoW downloads area. Not even a Toolchest entry.

This treatment tells partners that our integration posture is an after-thought, that it is not something that receives first-class attention in our solution development efforts. That's not a good message, particularly as our business becomes increasingly partner-centric.

I request that we dispense with the drama and mystery around SDK downloads, put first-class download links on the NoW software downloads site like the rest of our high-quality software, and provide regularized access to the tools that instrument the finest unified storage infrastructure in the industry. That's a posture that gives partners and customers confidence.


Ditto... what pauls said.

Having to download a word form and e-mail it in just to get access to an SDK that one couldn't really use anyway unless they were a NetApp customer to begin with doesn't make much sense. 

It's got that cereal box mail in coupon feeling to it.... which i wouldn't mind if i got a decoder ring or a t-shirt too..






Completely agree.

There is no way I, a customer like any other customer that made a big expense on NetApp hardware/software, can figure out why I have to waste so much time/effort in order to obtain such a piece of software that helps us enhance, extend or integrate a NetApp solution. There are people around even developing a Python API because it is their preferred language and they seem to be sort of frustrated. It doesn't look like the way to go nowadays that open source and collaboration helps make better tools and expand businesses.


Also +1 for giving support to a Ruby API


Hi Everyone

We ceratinly appreciate your feedback and will look into automating the download process of NMSDK to make it quicker and convenient.

Also we will look into adding Python support in SDK


Ditto... what pauls said.

------adding Python support in SDK.  It's a good news to us. I expect it comes as soon as possible.

By the way,how long can i  receive an email granting access to download NM SDK after i send a request?



Currently it takes around 24 hours to grant access for any download request. We are working towards automating it and would soon come with an update on the same.


There is a possible added issue regarding teh file extention, as it is a .doc extention it is not expected to be a zip formatted file, which results in it being blocked by some filters.

I'm hoping that if it is updated to docx then it will pass those checks.

this may the the reason why jbeiswnager was having issues.


Does the latest SDK support OnTAP 8.0?


Yes, ONTAP 8.0 is supported.

   - Rick -


ONTAO 8.0 is supported, but only for 7-Mode.


So, if I have the ONTAP 8.0 Simultaor in cluster mode I won't be able to use with this SDK? What about earlier SDKs? Thanks.


Currently there is no SDK for Cluster-Mode APIs, with NMSDK 4.0 you can use the simulator for Data ONTAP 8.0 7-Mode APIs

SDK for Cluster-Mode APIs will be available with Data ONTAP 8.1


The SDK is loosely coupled to the APIs that resided in ONTAP and Operations Manager.  What this means is that the SDK does not provide what APIs can be invoked by the SDK.  The APIs are provided by the version on ONTAP and Operations Manager.  The SDK provides the infrastructure to invoke the APIs; for example, the correct version of the SDK is important if vFiler tunneling is desired.

Currently ONTAP 8.0 Cluster Mode has no Cluster Mode APIs; therefore, it doesn't matter which SDK is used.  All APIs are in ONTAP 8.0 are in 7-mode.  As stated above Cluster Mode APIs will be available in ONTAP 8.1.

   - Rick -


Any predictions on the 8.1 availability? Thanks.


I emailed the request form and have not heard from anyone. What is the process to get this downloaded sooner than later? Is it suppose to take a week to get access to the SDK download?



In most cases the access is provided in 1 day, but since you requested access on Friday it should have been given by Monday, which turned out to be a holiday in NetApp India, Will resolve it asap


As promised, we have made NMSDK download process automatic by making it available on NOW.

You can find it here -


Sorry, we can't really discuss NDA details on a public forum.  I suggest you reach out to your NetApp SE or partner contact at NetApp and ask for an NDA discussion.


I already was registered to access SDK for a long time. Now if I start with above link it wants me to register again. Or does it ask every time?



You can simply go to  and download NetApp Manageability SDK.



where i can find sample code for SDK 4.1? i googled, searched the forum.....


You can find the sample code inside the NMSDK package



The storage-shelf api calls are not included in the SDK, but they exist on the system if you trigger a system-api-list api call. Any plans to implement it into the sdk?




Getting access denied when I tried to download the NMSDK 5.2 software.  Says access denied.  From the above discussion, it looks like this shouldn't happen any more, but it does.  Please let me know when I will access to download the software.


Same here, although this document says the SDK is free for download, neither am I able to Login to the nor am I able to download the SDK from

Can someone please fix this?




I've been sent round in circles for days trying to get this API, but I see I'm not the only one. I've been sent round the web site, told to setup as a partner, been contacted by several companies NetApp have passed my details to, been told I don't need to be a partner, sent back to the communities site, signed up on the communtiies site, found the link for the SDK hidden at the bottom of the page, sent from there to the support site. Then get an access denied error.


Please can someone tell me where I get this SDK from?


We are just looking to add support to our network and server audit product so just need to be able to read information from NetApp devices.







I have a problem with the nmsdk related to its external dependencies.  The latest version of it uses Google Guava r08, yet the latest Guava version is 18. was dropped in Guava 15.0 in favor which prevents my code which relies on Guava 15+ from working with this library.  R08 of Guava came out in 2011 ( , this is a very old library.  Is there a plan for a new build?  This is a big showstopper for me using the SDK.


I'm also getting access denied when attempting to download the SDK software.



Please let me know when I will have access to download the software.


Is there an SDK or API that will track ODX transfers in process?