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NetApp Manageability SDK for Java API Bindings - Introduction and Download Information



The NetApp Manageability SDK 5.1 Java API Bindings supports Java API Bindings for both Data ONTAP® APIs and  OnCommand® Unified Manager APIs. The Java API Bindings libraries contain interfaces to establish a connection with either the Data ONTAP server or the DataFabric Manager server. By using these Java libraries, you can create Java applications to access and manage the Data ONTAP server or the DataFabric Manager server.


  • NetApp Manageability SDK 5.1 Java API Bindings is available free of cost to customers and partners.
  • You must accept the End User License Agreement at the time of downloading the NetApp Manageability SDK 5.1 Java API Bindings.

Download Information:

NMSDK is available free-of-charge through the NetApp Support site. To  access NMSDK, partners and customers need to sign-up for it.

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I am not able to download the NetApp Manaegability SDK or the Java API Bindings.

I'm trying links from

I get the following error when I try to download any of these :

Release Not Available

This release is no longer available. Please return to the Download Software page.

Where can I download them ?




same here: 5.0 is removed and 4.1 put in its place.  What is going on?


5.0 will be available back shortly. You can access the latest API documentation here -


Hi Floks,


I would like to know NMSDK 5.4 is compatible to ONTAP 8.2.3 7mode. I tried to use Interoperability Matrix Tool ,but unable to confirm.


Really appreciated your time.


Best Regards,

Akhil G

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