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NetApp SNMP MIB download information


The Network Appliance custom MIB contains detailed descriptions of data retrieved from appliances via common SNMP clients. The MIB is formatted such that these clients can read it while querying the server, and display descriptions and data at the same time

Download Information:

For Customers: (Password Protected. For customers only)

For Partners and other technical users : The SNMP MIBs are part of Manage ONTAP SDK. Please download the SDK to get the SNMP MIBs.

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Is this any different from the MIB that is actually supplied within Data OnTap (/etc/mib) ?

As far as I can tell SDK 3.5P1 does not include mibs. The 3.0R1 which I still have does. Is it intentional?

Deletion of MIB in the latest versions of SDK is intentional. Please download MIB from This is mentioned in SDK documentation as a note.

Is there a MIB available for e-series?

Where can I get the EF550's MIB file?

I could not find out santricity mib file in /NOW/download/tools/mib/ directory.



If you go to mysupport you'll find E-series MIB's SM10_R3.MIB


I hope this helps?




hi andrewkingcc,

About the MIB file of the EF,
I hope for the management such as the MIB file of cDOT.



Can anyone tell me if there is possible to download MIB file for ONTAP 9? If yes, where?

Hi, TJaneczko,


I can't find out this link.




The highest ONATP version on this page is Data ONTAP 8.3.2. There is no ONTAP 9 there.

 Dears , 


Can someone sent this mib file to my gmailid




I send a MIB file for SantricityOS 8.25.


Did you get it?


Best Regards,


The monitoring tool what we use wont support polling. It will generate alerts with snmp traps. Could you please help me with the MIB files for Netapp C-Mode 8.3.2 version ? We need to load this MIBs with respective OIDs to monitoring tool.

Could you please send it to I have donloaded it from NetApp portal. But thats not in readable format. I need the MIBs to be loaded to 3rd party monitoring school

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