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NetApp® Unified Storage Performance Management Using Open Interfaces


NetApp unified storage systems support multiprotocol data access and can be configured as SAN, IP-SAN and NAS devices at the same time. NetApp storage systems support different type of storage objects like aggregates, volumes, LUNs, qtrees etc. NetApp provides open interfaces like Data ONTAP APIs, SNMP, SMI-S agent for monitoring and managing various components of the NetApp storage system. This document provides the details of how to use NetApp open interfaces for unified storage performance management and how to simplify performance management of NetApp storage systems when multiple protocols are supported and multiple objects are being managed.

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Storage-as-a-Service (StaaS) offerings challenge established transactional relationships by forcing participants to assume new subscriber-provider roles. The legacy contracts that regulate traditional relationships are unfamiliar territory for StaaS service-delivery parameters/controls. Over-time, contracts will evolve through service-providers' exploiting a broader range of auditable service-measurement parameters in the service-delivery infrastructure. Service-providers will field a broad variety of logical service models for various subscriber populations, and will consolidate quickly thereafter.

In NetApp Unified Storage Performance Management using Open Interfaces, Thakur provides an excellent overview and desktop-reference of the performance measurement instrumentation present in Data ONTAP storage systems (and accessible via a variety of 3GL, 4GL and Web-based mechanisms). For infrastructure developers looking to gather detailed operational measurements for metered-service delivery-assurance, this is an indispensable summary of the service-measurement primitives available.Service-delivery contracts for NetApp-intensive solutions can correlate their proposed logical service models to service-measurement primitives identified here, to provide verifiable and auditable mechanisms for service-delivery data collection (and expedite the creation of the contracts that govern them).


Is there an updated version of this guide for 8.2.x ?


How to calculate netapp cluster nfsv3 and nfsv4 throughput and what are the dispaly units


The latest NMSDK 9.3, points to this same document, which is dated 2010 on the front page and 2008 in the footer of every other page. Is this document still relevant?


I'm interested in chapter 4.3 Using NFSV3/CIFS counters where the document says that for Instance Name you can add the NFS share name of interest. But nfsv3 has only one instance: nfs (tested on 7-mode).

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