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How to use NetApp SANtricity Web Services



The NetApp SANtricity Web Services Proxy provides Web APIs to configure, manage and monitor E-Series and EF-Series arrays. The proxy provides access to a collection of REST (Representational State Transfer) style interfaces to access services defined for storage arrays. The proxy can be installed on a Windows or Linux systems.The Proxy and API usage is of no charge and does not require a license key.

Key Features:


  •    Provides APIs to define Storage Service Catalog to aid the user in discovering capabilities of configured storage pools and creating volumes based on user criteria  Supports Create Read Update (CRUD) operations for all defined storage elements
  •     Supports NetApp E/EF-Series Storage Arrays.
  •     Supports tunneling API to access all the native SYMbol procedure
  •     Provides Aggregation API for Volume and Drive analytics
  •     Provides APIs to collect hardware inventory and event logs
  •     Provides APIs to perform Disk Pools, Volume Groups and Volume Management   
  •     Provides APIs to perform Host mappings
  •     Provides APIs to perform Snapshots
  •     Provides APIs to perform Asynchronous Remote Volume Mirroring (ARVM)
  •     Provides APIs to perform Initial Configuration (bulk IP address and password assignment)
  •     Provides APIs to perform Controlller Firmware and NVSRAM upgrades
  •     Supports self-signed and third party certificates
  •     Includes sample Python scripts for using various REST services   
  •     Provides interactive API documentation 


Step 1: Download & Install


  • Download the web services proxy from the NetApp Support Site
  • Follow the video for a step by step overview of how to successfully install the proxy

Step 2: Configure


  • Download the User guide and follow the video to successfully configure the Security SSL certificates
  • Follow this video for discovering and adding E-Series Storage Arrays
  • Follow this video for understanding general structure of REST API for E-Series Storage Arrays 



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I was wondering about the existence of monitoring plugins using the REST API.

By the way, this article could be updated for E-Series using santricity 11.40 that embed Web services proxy.