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NetApp E-Series Storage Plug-in for IEEL/IML


NetApp E-Series Plug-in for IEEL/IML


Comprehensive management of NetApp E-Series Storage Systems from within Intel's Manager for Lustre Client


The NetApp® E-Series Plug-in for Intel® Manager for Lustre® is a Storage Plug-in that provides integrated management of NetApp E-series storage arrays from within a Lustre Manager Client. The Manager for Lustre Client is a single management interface that you can use to manage the Lustre infrastructure and all of your day-to-day storage needs. You do not need to learn another management tool, so you can focus instead on the entire luster infrastructure.



Note: The NetApp Plug-in is not a direct replacement for the NetApp ES Storage Manager software, which is still required for performing certain storage administration tasks.


The NetApp Plug-in enables you to perform the following tasks:

  • Health Monitoring of NetApp E-Series storage arrays.
  • View volumes, volume groups, and associated disk bindings, and their associuated performance metrics.
  • View mapped volumes as OST for each OSS Node for each NetApp E-Series storage array.
  • View critical evetns detected by NetApp E-Series storage arrays.

Intel® Manager for Lustre provides a unified, consistent view of Lustre storage systems and simplifies the installation, configuration, monitoring and overall management of Lustre. The manager consolidates all Lustre information in a central, browser-accessible location for ease of management and reduced complexity.


The NetApp Plug-in requires that Intel Manager for Lustre is installed within the environment. The NetApp Plug-in does not function in any other configuration.



The following NetApp Plug-in features enable the Intel Manager for Lustre to perform real-time monitoring of NetApp E-Series storage arrays:

  • Storage array information
  • Storage array organization
  • Storage provisioning and volume mapping
  • OST/OSS configuration and end-to-end topography rendering with back-end storage elements.
  • OST/OSS performance capture.

Intel Enterprise Edition for Luster Brief

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When will the Plug-in be posted for for download?


Hi everybody...


I am planing to work with the E-series NetApp appliance to integrate all my existing DVR / NVR wich have  some cameras currently installed on a couple branch of offices , i let you know all the offices branch are linked together via WAN.

I ve read some docs about the NetApp solution and its operating system as well, but i am not adding DVR / NVR are mentionned.


My dutty is to add my existing DVR NVR on this appliance to give user those concern the ability to display video image camras in one main application .



I wonder if it's a such possibility.


If somebody already experienced a such feature with the E -series appliance, please give me an idea .


I look forward to your reply.


Thanks !


any updates on the plug-in being available?

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