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NetApp SANtricity Add-in for Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS)


NetApp SANtricity Add-in for Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS)

Comprehensive monitoring of NetApp Storage Systems from SQL Server Management Studio

The NetApp SANtricity SSMS Add-in  links your databases with NetApp E-Series/EF-Series storage components. Database files can be mapped to their corresponding storage components. The Storage Explorer client shows the physical and logical relationships between storage devices, shows properties information about the storage devices and provides performance reporting. This enhanced visibility provides more efficient monitoring of the storage subsystem so that bottlenecks and capacity issues are more quickly identified and resolved. The plug-in is also multi-instance aware and cluster aware, allowing the DBA to use Storage Explorer in a management station.

NetApp SANtricity Add-in for Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio

  •     Integrated with Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS)
  •     Integrated reporting for storage properties and performance
  •     Supports NetApp E-Series storage including EF-540/EF-550 Flash Arrays
  •     End-to-end storage volume to database mapping
  •     Provides multi-instance aware capability for use in a management station
  •     Automatic collection of key performance metrics
  •     Adjustable collection cycles for performance metrics
  •     Historical performance charting

Pricing and Licensing

The plug-in itself is free and does not require a license.

Important Links

Download the plug-in from the NetApp Support Site (NSS)

Download the Installation Guide and other important documents

Start a new thread in the Oracle Applications and Database space

Contact Global Support

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