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DNS Configuration in SANtricity 11.10

I'm setting up my first e-series and testing ASUP.  HTTP and HTTPS will not work because it can not resolve the name.  How do you set the array to use DNS?

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Re: DNS Configuration in SANtricity 11.10

You don't set the DNS on the array.  The array isn't sending the autosupport package, per se.  It is the management station that sends it.  You will have to make sure your management station's network settings (including gateway and DNS) are configured correctly and that your corporate firewall rules allow you to send the autosupport package directly or through proxy settings.  And make sure the autosupport feature is enabled and activated on the array, but I assume you already did that.

Re: DNS Configuration in SANtricity 11.10

Thank you.  That is very helpful, but I have a follow-up question.

I configured this through my laptop (out of band...yes?).  So are you saying I need a system that is up all the time as a management station?  Also, is the management station required if I send ASUP through a mail server giving it an IP address?  I was confused by what is actually required for alerts, ASUP, etc.

Re: DNS Configuration in SANtricity 11.10

I suppose the array could run without a permanent management station, but you wouldn't get any alerts or autosupport, etc.  I don't know if that's supported.  The management station is required if you want to send autosupport no matter which method... http/https or smtp.  If you really can't set up a permanent management station (it could be an existing host on the network, you know) then you can probably use the "Legacy Create Autosupport Bundle" to MANUALLY create an autosupport package whenever you need to (on your laptop) and manually send the file to NetApp.

Re: DNS Configuration in SANtricity 11.10

Does the management station does not need to be dedicated?  If not, would installing it on their vCenter server be a bad idea?  We installed a 2712 in a small VMWare environment. 

Re: DNS Configuration in SANtricity 11.10

No it doesn't have to be dedicated.  Any existing Windows server could do.  In our case, we have a server dedicated for all the SAN administration applications, be it HP, EMC, NetApp, etc.  We call it our SAN Manager server.

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Re: DNS Configuration in SANtricity 11.10

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