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E2600 configuration wipe to factory defaults

We moved 4 E-series units from one data center to another, with the idea that we would just do a complete wipe of the units and repurpose them. We took the disks out of the units and put them in unlabelled boxes, thinking we would just wipe the systems when we reassembled them. I just assembled one of them, brought it up, and tried to do a simple "clear configuration". But it is not allowing me to do it, because it claims all the disks are "incompatible" because of "failed database adoption". I'm guessing the drives for all the units got mixed up, and they think they should all go to their original units. Anyway, to make a long story short, all I want is to destroy everything and set the unit as if it were coming from the factory. Is there an easy way of doing this? Or, if not an easy way, is there a hard way of doing this? Seems like I can't do anything with these units now...


# SMcli


clear storageArray configuration;
Unable to reset the configuration using the Set Storage Array command at line 1.
Error 101 - The operation cannot complete because either there is a problem communicating with any of the drives in the storage array or there are currently no drives connected.


show allDrives summary;
Number of drives: 60
Current media type(s): Hard Disk Drive (60)
Current interface type(s): Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) (60)
Drive capabilities: Data Assurance (DA) (60), Full Disk Encryption (FDE) (60)


99, 1, 1 Incompatible 2,794.519 GB Hard Disk Drive SAS 6 Gbps ST33000651SS MS01 DA, FDE

... etc.




Re: E2600 configuration wipe to factory defaults

I guess I'll answer my own question, since I finally figured it out: To completely wipe a system, you have to go through the serial console cable attached to one of the controllers in the back. Once connected, you send a <BREAK> and then <ESC>, and that will get you to the VXworks login prompt. You enter the login and password (I found them by searching the internet), and that will give you a very limited prompt. At that prompt, enter "sysWipe" and say goodbye to all your data, configuration, or anything else in the system. But it got rid of all the previous configurations, all the disks returned to available and green, and I was able to install the unit as if it was coming from the factory. Yay!!! 

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Re: E2600 configuration wipe to factory defaults

Hi agapotron,


I'm glad you were able to find a solution. Generally we would suggest to contact support for this procedure, as there is of course a high possibility for data loss. 

Re: E2600 configuration wipe to factory defaults

Well, two comments about this:


1. The whole point of this question is that I don't care about data loss. All I wanted was to wipe the unit. No data to rescue.

2. The unit is out of warranty and out of maintenance, so calling support will get me nowhere. That's why I was posting the question in the community boards

Re: E2600 configuration wipe to factory defaults

Thanks for your feedback - I understand and agree with your approach here.

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