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E2812 Async mirroring problem with auto loadbalance feature




I successfull set up asynchronous mirroring between two E2812 netapp storage Arrays with 5 mirroring volumes for DC and DR purpose.  It's no problem until I had to move the secondary array to the DR location which had to shutdown the array and moved. I did the procedures as local support told me to do.


    Halt the Host I/O.
    Perform any additional steps required on the host, such as unmounting file systems.
    Wait for five minutes.
    Place controller A offline.
    From the GUI, select Controller A and then go to Hardware > Controller >
Advanced > Place > Offline
    Place controller B offline.
    From the GUI, select controller B and then go to Hardware > Controller >
Advanced > Place > Offline
    Power off the Controller-Drive enclosure.
    Wait for the LEDs to go dark.
    Power off each Expansion enclosure.
    Wait for two minutes for the drives to spin down

But at that time the GUI let me do only place offline controller A. When I placed offline controller B , the software not allowed to do that. I went furture till Power off each Expansion enclosure. After I powered on the array, I had to place online controller A manually.  Since then I had "Volume Not On Preferred Path" alert everyday among 5 volumes mirroring.  After I disabled auto loadbalance feature both DC and DR array, the alert "Volume Not On Preferred Path" disappeared.

Both DC and DR array is SANtricity® System Manager Version 11.40.1

My question is

1. Has anyone found the problem like this before?

2. Can we use the auto loadbalance feature with asynchronous mirroring ?


Best Regards,


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