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Eseries 5600 11.40 . need to find a way to get alert when Writeback cache get disabled


Hi all


is anybody know the way to get alerted when writeback cache get disabled? 


snmp get does not exist and even if we use snmp trap, we don't received any alert about it.


I have started to check if I could use the Rest Api  or Powershell but haven't find anything yet.


The other solution I thought,  would be to trigger an email via a script if my IOPS getting a certain low level.









I think your best option would be a script that will send you an email if/when it occurs. Is there a particular reason that you're concerned about this happening? It seems to me that this would be a symptom of a larger problem.


Insofar as specifics, GET /storage-systems/{id}/volumes has a field that will give you the information you need. Please let me know if you need more information.


"raidLevel": "raid6",
"sectorOffset": "0",
"worldWideName": "600A098000A0990C000022CF5A726D5C",
"label": "1",
"blkSize": 512,
"capacity": "1073741824",
"segmentSize": 131072,
"action": "none",
"cache": {
"cwob": false,
"enterpriseCacheDump": false,
"mirrorActive": true,
"mirrorEnable": true,
"readCacheActive": true,
"readCacheEnable": true,
"writeCacheActive": true,
"writeCacheEnable": true,
"cacheFlushModifier": "flush10Sec",
"readAheadMultiplier": 1
} ...






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