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Host SAS interface port type


Hi folks,  just to be sure as we don't have any physical E2700's here....

The SAS host interface ports are miniSAS HD versions correct?


I checked the documentation available to us and it indicated  


"​For new systems, miniSAS (SFF-8088)  to miniSAS HD (SFF-8644) converter cables are required for the first expansion-drive shelf along with the associated 2m 6G SAS-2 cables. For all other expansion-drive shelves only the 6GB SAS-2 cables are required.

​For Controller only orders, the X-26001-00-0R6 2m HD to Mini SAS will need to be ordered."


It doesn't exactly say which connector connects to which device.


Thanks for your confirmation.





The 2700 native ports are 12GB HD SAS ports.   (The Square ones).     

Hi Mike, thanks for your response.


As the bite is in the details...


You specifically mention it as "HD SAS"  as opposed to miniHD SAS.  

If I look at an image of the connectors on the 2700 controller, the HOST interface ports look the same as the SAS disk expansion ports


The SAS Disk Exp. ports are described as being "miniSAS HD (SFF-8644)", do I so understand correctly that the Host ports and Exp. ports are

physically different?




By the way, what puzzles me is the info in the documentation in regards to shelf expantion which says 


"For new systems, miniSAS (SFF-8088)  to miniSAS HD (SFF-8644) converter 

cables are required for the first expansion-drive shelf "


 but goes on to say...


​For expansions on to existing E2700 systems, the the X-26001-00-0R6 2m HD to Mini SAS will need to be ordered.


so what is the difference?  Are there two different controllers with different connectors?



Thanks again for your help.


The expansion chassis are still using the older 6GB miniSAS connectors.     That is why you are seeing cables with 2 different types of connectors on each end.   


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